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Sad as that is it's very rare that a girl that age is hooking, she's more likely just dancing as in the case of a Coyote House or as a PR girl at Karaoke. I suffered the same problem your having in Chiang Mai, it took me years to figure out and during those years I could speak Thai. Girls now have to stand inside the doorways instead of waving down traffic on the road which was a little tacky in fact Chang Klan road would have accidents every night because people were getting distracted! Yes, the sex tourism in Chiang Mai is still a big selling point for many of the male foreigners. Body-to-body massage is often the preferred service offered. While that seems high it's probably about right if you include sidelines.

Unpaid Sex scene in Chiang Mai

Going to a love hotel with a local girl is a much more genuine Thai culture experience than going to a khantoke. My guidebook on how to make the best of your sexual experience in Chiang Mai can teach you more about Thainess than the Lonely Planet. Open up your mind and work through my bucket list as a must do sexual guidebook. Here are 10 ways that can lead to a sexual experience in Chiang Mai.

So at the end of the day, by far most of the paid sex business in Thailand is tolerated simply because someone pays someone else off. Soapy massage parlours, sex massage places and karaoke's that provide full sexual services are all balancing on that edge although you'd think that they are operating fully legal because they are officially established businesses in the limelight.

Now if you're tired of online dating or you just want to keep things simple with a girl, you can go for the following options:. What's wrong with a love hotel when you have mirrors everywhere to view this girl from each angle? The difference between these options is how much time and money you want to spend to sit around, drink and talk to a girl before you take her for the real thing.

Soapy massage parlours are the most straightforward, karaoke's are most cumbersome. Some karaoke's are just trying to rip you off and there are a lot of hidden fees before you can get laid. These are the most obvious choices for any newcomer in Chiang Mai, and then there are the more murky waters of paid sex business, some of which operates more under the radar:.

The outcall industry offers company and sex-on-demand, prices are higher but you get a girl with a large skillset. Often, sideline girls work in groups and an agent helps them to get sugardaddies. Buy a sideline girl just for one time and do her in a lovehotel, or consider sponsoring one long term, which can feel much better than going for plain prostitution.

All these businesses are more covert and often hard to find. Sometimes it's better if you are introduced or at least some guidance can help a great deal. Prices can be both higher and lower than in the "official" businesses, times of service are different and sometimes you can make your own personal arrangements with a certain girl.

Recommendable for those who enjoy diving a bit deeper under the surface and it can make quite a difference if you can speak a decent word of Thai. Now if you're not looking for full sexual intercourse but just for a quick release or the contrary: Girls can be semi- naked and are aiming towards your happy ending.

Body-to-body massage is often the preferred service offered. Erotic massages in Chiang Mai are just a bit more delicate than the average happy-ending massage in and around Loikroh. The experience you can get in all these paid sex places can be highly contrasting from a lazy, mechanical approach to a very sensual and personal one. It all depends on the girl, her attitude and skillset and the click you have with her.

Usually, in the paid sex business it's a bit harder to get a real girlfriend experience. Insider Guide members get full access to Male Entertainment overview maps. If you see limits to the lubricating powers of money, you prefer a sexual relationship or you just enjoy the hunt , you can do: Converting chatting to dating is another story.

Many student girls are in need of a helping hand. Comment by Nick from the USA: So, in this guide you will know exactly where these hot-spots are in Chiang Mai. You will also get a general idea of the city and where to find Thai bar girls.

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As with Pattaya and Patong, Chiang Mai has a well established beer bar scene in Thailand , but on a smaller scale. Some guys call them girlie bars because they have girl hostesses in them.

You can simply walk in relax and have a beer and there will be Thai girl hostesses willing to come and chill out with you. The girls job is to make the customers feel welcome and to keep them company or play pool with them. The highest concentration of these beer bars will be closer to the river bridge crossing intersection by Kothasarn Road. Of course if you are in Chiang Mai and wish to visit a GoGo bar you have a few options.

You will not find many in the Chiang Mai nightlife areas , but it still has a few that are worth to check out and you can include it in your fun. Here they are:. This is the best Go Go bar in Chiang Mai and the type you would see in places like Bangkok and Pattaya, but with less women. So if that is what you are expecting when you are in Chiang Mai then Foxy Lady Go Go bar is what you should be checking out.

It is a modern venue with sexy young Thai women. It is not as modern as Foxy Lady and has a more chilled out vibe. Still worth to check out and see what you can find. Sugar Beat in Chiang Mai is more of a high-end coyote night club. It is not a traditional Go Go bar but I will include it in this category because the girls here are super hot and are known to be models.

The venue looks nice inside with a modern touch. There is a Thai band playing live music and you can relax in the VIP style couches and chill out with one of the coyote girls as long as you buy drinks and pay a small baht free every half hour. It is a good option as you can listen to the live band and hand out with some hot Thai girls.

The Chiang mai nightlife would not be complete without some night clubs thrown into the mix. Below I have listed the night clubs in Chiang Mai where you can party with local Thai girls normal girls and freelancers or even other foreigners. They are a mix of foreigners and Thais and also some clubs that are more Thai oriented.

Of course foreigners are welcome in these clubs but just know that you will probably see much more locals than foreigners. I have noted which clubs are more Thai oriented below. Spicy club in Chiang Mai sort of like a Thai after hours club as it is open well into the morning hours. It is usually open until AM.

The club itself is not that big and has many foreigners that come to party in it due to the many Thai girls that come to this place as a final party hot spot. Zoe in Yellow is the most popular foreigner oriented night club in Chiang Mai. It has an outdoor style bar area with a dance floor and a typical indoor club room across it.

Most of the people party together at the outdoor patio style bar and dance floor though. This club gets very busy and is full of Thai girls interested in farang guys. There is even foreigner girls that come and party here. Over all this is probably the best all around night club in Chiang Mai and worth to check out. Warm up Cafe in Chiang Mai Is very popular with the locals as it has been around for some time.

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It contains information that some female readers might find disrespectful. When I was in college, I had quite a few friends who were Malaysian. One is the beautiful mountainous scenery and historic Buddhist Temples. The highest concentration of these beer bars will be closer to the river bridge crossing intersection by Kothasarn Road. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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The highest concentration of these beer bars will be closer to the river bridge crossing intersection by Kothasarn Road. Privacy Policy Contact.

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