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KNYD Davis Milling Company, who hired storyteller, cook, and missionary worker Nancy Green as a spokesperson for their Aunt Jemima mix in Parks in Tulsa include: Local Oklahoma Tulsa. Tulsa street. Local government website:

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma's second-largest city, you can enjoy Prohibition-themed theater and visit a former speakeasy that looks like it was made in Barney Rubble's backyard. Plus, some say the very center of our universe is located at a downtown intersection. Here's your tipsheet for all things Tulsan. Today, we call it voicemail. Tulsa resident Jewell Huffman designed the plot in after she visited Hathaway's cottage near Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Arranged in the style of a formal English garden, it includes medicinal and culinary herbs like rosemary and catmint. Resembling a shack made of cartoonish boulders and built in the s, it functioned as a novelty restaurant by day and a Prohibition-era speakeasy by night. Patrons could enjoy an illegal beverage in a bunker accessible by a secret passageway behind the fireplace.

It's now a private residence, but tours are available on weekends. In the late s, the federal government evicted Muscogee Creek people from their ancestral lands in the southeastern U. There, they joined the similarly relocated Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole peoples. A Muscogee band settled the area that would become Tulsa in the mids, while Oklahoma didn't become a state until To celebrate the occasion, a city officials buried a '98 Plymouth Prowler in a custom-designed concrete vault at Centennial Park.

Future Tulsans will dig up this huge time capsule on January 18, , at which point the car will be given back to the Chrysler corporation. But both city names are derived from "tulasi" or "tallasi," meaning "the old town" in the Muscogee language. When the federal government started planning an interstate highway from Chicago to Los Angeles, Avery lobbied for the route to run southwest rather than west over the Rocky Mountains.

The road that would become Route 66 was laid through Arizona, New Mexico, the Texas panhandle, and conveniently Tulsa. Brooks has racked up million albums and singles sold in the United States, 12 million more than second-place finisher Elvis Presley. To illustrate that claim, a sculpture of two foot-tall praying hands marks the entrance to the campus of Oral Roberts University, an ultra-conservative Christian institution.

The hands were cast in of roughly 30 tons of bronze. The collection of more than , objects, including a handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence, was amassed by oilman and philanthropist Thomas Gilcrease. Allegedly, his ghost haunts the halls of the museum. One of the most illustrious equestrian events in America, it features more than exhibitors and horses each year.

He also drove his own cars in a variety of racing competitions and was inducted into the Indianapolis Hall of Fame. Then, in , prospectors discovered the Glenn Pool oil field, which has yielded million barrels and counting. By the time Oklahoma became a state in , nearly oil companies had set up shop around Glenn Pool alone. Both were designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki beginning in the s.

Hanson 's very first appearance was at the city's annual Mayfest when the brothers were just 12, 9, and 7 years old. In , Riggs tested his creation by posting a sign at the corner of First Street and Columbia Avenue. Collisions decreased, and the signs spread throughout Tulsa, America, and the world. When Riggs died in , a yield sign was engraved onto his tombstone.

Instead of filling it in, the management framed the hole. Touring musicians often take selfies with it. The Muscogee carried a pot of burning coals with them on their forced march to Indian Territory, and after choosing a settlement site near a massive oak tree, they scattered the ashes to establish their new home.

It's been running there ever since, making it the longest continually-running stage play in America. Four separate casts perform the show on a rotating basis. This wildly successful chain of gas and convenience stores was established in by Tulsans Burt Holmes and Chester Cadieux. The original store opened on Peoria Street in September 25 of that year.

The company, still based in Tulsa, now has more than locations. Parts of 's The Outsiders were shot here as well—in fact, the drive-in movie theater that Rob Lowe and company snuck into during one scene is still in operation. Built during the Great Depression to promote the Beatrice Food Company, which went out of business in the s, the sign outlived the establishment it advertised.

Today, it sits at the intersection of 11th Street and Quaker Avenue. Scientists aren't sure why. Who knew the portal to parallel worlds ran through Tulsa? The TSA is notoriously meticulous in making sure travelers abide by their precise rules, often resulting in long lines and impatient passengers in the terminal. Luckily, you can shorten the amount of time you spend standing in airport security lines during busy travel seasons like spring break, summer vacation, or the winter holidays just by bringing the right equipment.

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Both were designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki beginning in the s. During the chiropractic treatments experienced technician uses therapeutic techniques to treat various conditions such as neck or back pain. We want those people gone as much as you! Bikase Tablet Stand. There are spaces custom-designed for your phone, passport, tablet, glasses, headphones, and more.

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David Gilmour. KRTQ Agreement struck to give Oklahoma governor power to pick more agency heads. It's now a private residence, but tours are available on weekends. In order to take advantage of the many sizes of bikes and heights of riders, the stand uses a telescoping tripod design to accommodate any rider.

The All-World Sports Awards banquet is an …. Over 35 years of experience. This calming, exposed-brick studio welcomes yogis of all experience levels for minute classes such as vinyasa flow and acro yoga.

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